Caffi Cletwr

A brief history

Cletwr Café and Hen Gapel, 1960s?

Cletwr Café and Hen Gapel, 1960s?

Like a lot of good ideas, setting up a community group to re-open Cletwr Garage was born in the local pub. A group of locals started the ball rolling and are still the key people in making the project happen.
Cletwr Garage has played a valuable role in the village of Tre’rddol for almost 50 years. Built by present owner Huw Lewis’ father back in the 1960s it has provided a welcome stopping place for visitors ever since. And of course it has acted as the ‘village shop’ for all those years as well – a place for trading gossip as well as providing essentials for local people.

When it closed in 2010 a valuable service was lost – and after 12 months the idea to re-open as a non profit making community venture was born.

Now, with the backing of the community, the shop and cafe re-opened as a community business in May 2013. We have big plans to expand, with a new building and a wide range of services to help the community. Find out more about our plans

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