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Proposed 2018 order dates: 26th January, 27th April, 27th July,26th October.

Latest news

Our first oil order (for over 7000 litres) was submitted in early Feb 2015 and saved a total of over £300 for syndicate members. In January 2018 we ordered 27,500 litres, at a saving of approx 7p/litre and saved nearly £2000 for our members. So why are you waiting...?

Membership of the syndicate is open to residents of Taliesin, Tre'r Ddôl, Talybont, Borth and Eglwysfach/Ffwrnais.

What is Club Cosy?

Club Cosy was originally launched by Cyngor Ceredigion. It aims to help people with advice and practical help with household insulation and energy efficiency. One activity is to help with the creation of fuel buying syndicates. There were already 14 of these working in Ceredigion, when Cwmni Cletwr launched one in early 2015. The idea is that a group of people get together to negotiate bulk discounts for buying heating oil (and perhaps other things e.g. LPG). The oil is still delivered to your home, and you still pay the oil company directly. Our experience suggests that discounts of 5p+ per litre of heating oil may be possible.

Want to join?

If you're interested in joining the fuel syndicate, please complete the form below. There's no obligation - whenever we put in an order you will have the option to have a delivery. We'd also like to gather a bit of information about what fuels people use and how much, so that we can get an idea of likely demand.

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